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The White Owl library houses a wide range of educational and recreational resources. The idea of the library is to encourage a community of readers, where our members are also given the opportunity to express, interact and create ideas, and share opinions – all while exploring books and other resources.

The library is not only a storage of print collections but a learning space that allows its users – writers, students, researchers, doctoral scholars and avid readers – to read, write and study in a quiet environment with access to free Wi-Fi and paid photocopying services.


Focused on promoting the joy of reading and fostering the emerging literary skills of children, The White Owl has a dedicated room that stores a great assortment of books for our young readers. We believe that a children’s library is vital to help develop a child intellectually, socially and to help them hone their language skills.

The Children’s Library emphasises on the importance of reading by organising storytelling, book-talks and other literary activities. It aims to introduce children to literature and help them develop a love for reading and explore an endless world through the pages of books. It is more than simply picking a book to read. The programs seek to help develop early literacy interests and skills and help children interact with books.