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Welcome to The White Owl Book Lounge, where we transcend the conventional boundaries of a mere bookshop and library. We aspire to be a literary haven, a dynamic center fostering the proliferation of reading culture among the people of Nagaland and beyond. At our core, we hold the belief that a society immersed in reading is one that is truly informed. Our mission extends beyond the shelves, aiming to enhance the lives of individuals through the transformative power of books. We envision a community where the joy of reading becomes a catalyst for personal growth, knowledge, and interconnectedness. Join us in our endeavor to illuminate minds, kindle imaginations, and contribute to a world where the love of reading becomes a cornerstone for individual and collective well-being.



Our bookstore offers a carefully curated selection that caters to a diverse range of reading preferences. From contemporary bestsellers to hidden gems, we ensure there’s something for every type of reader.

Children’s Library:

The Children’s Library is a vibrant space dedicated to nurturing young minds. Our collection includes a thoughtful mix of local and international children’s books, providing a rich mix of stories to spark imagination and curiosity.


Explore our extensive library, featuring a diverse collection across various genres: classics, contemporary fiction, research books, and self-help – we’ve got it all! Delve into the intricacies of Nagaland with rare books by local and international authors, offering a unique perspective on our culture and history.


Our cafe offers respite to your intensive reading. Indulge in delicious eats and drinks while surrounded by the comforting aroma of books and freshly brewed coffee. Whether you’re diving into a book or engaging in conversation, our cafe provides the perfect ambiance.

Mindful Nest:

Mindful Nest is the heart of The White Owl. It is the perfect place for intimate gatherings and mindful conversations. It is a co-thinking and co-working space where ideas and knowledge can be shared, discussed and expanded and where different views can be debated and critiqued simply to expand our knowledge and better understand the world that we live in. The nest can also be hired for meetings, book launches, study groups, book clubs, workshops, book talks, short-film screenings and other literary events.

Stationery Corner:

Introducing our Stationery Corner at The White Owl, where creativity meets refinement. Immerse yourself in a world of exquisite writing instruments, premium paper, and high-end art supplies. Our curated collection is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in stationery, elevating the act of writing and artistic expression.


Viketuno Iralu Rio

Proprietor, The White Owl


Easterine Kire

Poet & Author

Kethoser Aniu Kevichusa

Dr. Kethoser Kevichusa

Speaker & Writer


Avinuo Kire

Author, Poet and Educator


Peter Modoli

Associate Vice President - Marketing and Publicity - Penguin Random House India

Dr Brainerd Prince

DR. Brainerd Prince

Assistant Professor of Practise, Plaksha University


Atoho Jakhalu

Director, Climate Studies & Knowledge Solutions Centre, Department of Science and Technology, Government of Nagaland, India

Kechangulie Rio

Chairman, Niathu Group and Proprietor, Chabou & Co

Mhonlumo kikon

Mmhonlumo Kikon

Author and Poet


Albert Haig

Inventory Supervisor & Senior Sales Executive

Melvin Yhome

Program Coordinator

Kajini Eshena

Store Manager



Meren Pongen

Sales & Marketing Manager

Ranule Sapuh

Asst. Barista

Thejavilie Terhuja

Asst. Barista

Ketholeno Nagi