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At The White Owl Book Lounge, our passion for literature is not just about selling books; it’s about cultivating a vibrant reading culture and providing a welcoming space for thinkers to converge, connect, and break the ice. Since our inception, we’ve been on a mission to promote the joy of reading and to become a hub for those who actively seek intellectual engagement. Here’s a glimpse of some of the remarkable activities and events that we’ve hosted, fostering a love for books and intellectual pursuits:


Our Children’s Library has been a place of wonder and imagination, where young minds have delved into stories that transport them to magical worlds.

Children's Day Special Story Time by Albert Haig:

Celebrating the innocence and curiosity of childhood, we’ve held enchanting storytelling sessions.

Book Launch by Professor Rakhee, Cotton University (Heritage Publication):

We’ve provided a platform for esteemed authors to introduce their works, enriching the literary landscape.

Christmas Story with Kevi Z Kevichusa (Ages 4-9):

The holiday season has been a time for children to gather around, captivated by the enchanting tales of Christmas.

Book Lovers & Library Lovers Day:

In a special celebration, we’ve extended our gratitude to our dedicated members with free drinks and book discounts.

International Women's Day:

We’ve joined hands with 90.8 Hills FM to honour the achievements of women, with discussions, stories, and a celebration of female voices in literature.

Writing Workshop with Easterine Kire:

Aspiring writers have honed their skills under the mentorship of renowned authors, promoting local talent.

Author Book Reading by Avinuo Kire:

An intimate connection between authors and their readers, bringing stories to life through the author’s own words.

Reading Sessions with Easterine Kire:

A continued effort to encourage reading, exploring, and discussing the finest literature.

Academic Writing Workshop by Plaksha University Professors:

A space for academic growth and collaboration, promoting a culture of critical thinking.

Calligraphy workshop by m.for.apples:

An artistic endeavor, nurturing creativity through the beauty of handwritten words.

Workshop on Technology & Grand Challenges in Nagaland by Daniel Krocha:

Bridging the gap between technology and the community, fostering discussions on local issues.

Interactive Session with Dr. Atoho Jakhalu, Director of Climate Studies and Knowledge Solutions Centre, Government of Nagaland:

Promoting awareness and action on climate issues.

Academic Writing Workshop by Plaksha University Professors (Professor Saikat and Brainerd):

Empowering scholars to craft impactful academic work.

Call for PhD Applicants - PhD Program:

Supporting education and research by providing information and resources for potential scholars.

Workshop on PhD - From Proposal to Publishing:

Guiding the next generation of academics through the research journey.

Book Launch by Abokali Jimomi (Publisher - Penthrill):

Continuing to showcase the work of talented local authors and publishers.

PhD Workshop - From Proposal to Publishing:

An ongoing commitment to supporting doctoral scholars.

Creative Writing Workshop by Author Kevi Kevichusa:

Nurturing creative voices, making literature more inclusive.

The White Owl Book Club

Creating a community of readers and thinkers who gather to discuss and reflect.

Campus Book Fair

Extending our reach to connect with book enthusiasts in different settings.

Furthermore, The White Owl has established a significant partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Plaksha University to serve as their exclusive representative for the Northeast region of India. We are currently engaged in collaborative initiatives, including scholarship programs and foundational courses, aimed at assisting students aspiring to pursue B. Tech programs in fields such as AI and machine learning, economics and data science, robotics, medical science and many more.

At The White Owl Book Lounge, we’re not just a bookstore; we’re a space where the magic of literature meets the spirit of community. Join us in our mission to nurture a culture of reading, learning, and connection. Come, be a part of our vibrant literary journey, where every page turns into a new adventure.